April 2016 - Present / Founder, Creative Director

In 2016, I started Alphaio, a digital studio that focuses on designing great products and helping startups to succeed. Alphaio is fourtunate enough to have worked with more than 15 amazing teams across Canada and the San Francisco Bay Area on products that change the way how people interact with one another.


Metalab helps the world’s top companies build amazing apps, products, and services. Our clients include Google, Disney, CBS, other Fortune 500 businesses, as well as startups such as Slack. At Metalab I help build applications that has the best user experience and seemless user interface.

Axiom Zen

Axiom Zen is an idea catalyst, bespoke design studio, and software engineering foundry. I joined Axiom Zen when it was a small start up founded by mainly hackers. When I first started, I wsa the only designer in the office who took care of everything design related. I wear a lot of hats at Axiom Zen, my role includes designing user interface for mobile and web, as well as print production work such as logo and brand identity design. Besides that, I’m also responsible for a lot of front-end development work, slowly shifting my role to become a hybrid designer/developer.

Ballistic Arts

Ballistic Arts Media Studios is a Vancouver based full service digital creative agency that specializes in visual communications and marketing campaigns. A lot of projects at Ballistic Arts need closely cooperation with the team, I learnd how to work productively and harmonically in a team driven enviroment under very tight deadline. My work includes building websites from sketches to development, and all kinds of graphic related work.

Loopp Media

Loopp Media Inc. is a multimedia company which publishes a Japanese coupon magazine called KLIP around Vancouver area. I worked closely with a very talented japanese designer and learnd the beauty of Japanese desgin from him. My work at loopp media includes graphic design on the magazine as well as print meterial designs for restaurants and more.

Hong Kong Design Institute

I graduated with distinction from a 3 years design program of advertising, packaging and branding hosted by the Hong Kong Design Institute. Through 3 years of school training, I've learned the skills of visual communication on analytical thinking, visual expression and problem solving through a wide range of design practises related to branding and interactive design.